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Sist oppdatert: 24.03.2015 // Applicants who wish to apply for a Residence Permit to live, work, be Au Pair or study in Norway must register their applications on the Internet using the Application Portal. This will result in shorter processing times and no queues at the Embassy. Applicants can also check the status of their application online.

Application Procedure
Applicants who wish to apply for a resident permit at the Embassy in Copenhagen are requested to fill in the application form online, pay the application fee and book an appointment on the secure Application Portal before bringing their supporting documents to the Embassy. Your application is not valid before you have been at the Embassy with original documents and one good copy.

It is also possible for the host family/reference person/sponsor in Norway to complete all or part of the online process for the applicant (e.g. log on and pay the application fee).

Host family/reference persons/sponsors who complete the entire process for the applicant must send a copy of the completed application form to the applicant, so that he/she is fully aware of the information being submitted. The application form may be viewed and/or printed out from 'Previous individual applications' on the Portal.

Booking an Appointment
All applicants who submit their applications for residence permits online must book an appointment on the Application Portal before coming to the Embassy to hand in their supporting documents. An appointment can be changed or cancelled by the applicant on the Application Portal.

Cover letter
Those who have registered their application online will automatically receive a cover letter as an attachment to the e-mail address used when logging in to the Application Portal. It is very important that the applicant prints this cover letter, signs it, attaches a photo to it, and brings it to the Embassy at the time of appointment. 

How to apply – first-time users
The first time you use the Application Portal, you must register as a user with a username and a password.

Username and password should not contain any special characters such as @, %, &, etc. The password must contain at least 8 characters, at least one number and at least one CAPITAL letter.

When you have registered yourself as a user on the Portal, you can fill in the application form, pay the application fee (with a credit/debit card) and book an appointment at the Embassy.

Supporting documents
A number of documents are required in order to process an application for a residence permit. Please find information about necessary documents at AU PAIR APPLICANTS, please see: Guidelines for Au Pair applications. Remember also to bring your Danish residence permit (card) and a copy.

All documents will be electronically scanned at the Embassy. It is therefore very important that all original documents must be submitted with a perfect copy in A4 format - do not staple any documents together. You will get the originals in return.

It will not be possible to take copies at the Embassy.

Application fee
The application fee must be paid electronically (by credit/debit card) on the secure Application Portal after filling in the application form online. The application will not be sent to the Embassy before the payment has been successfully processed (usually within a few seconds).

For information about application fees 

Instruction on how to register

Click here to access the APPLICATION PORTAL

No Internet access?
There are a number of Internet cafes in Copenhagen, and libraries usually have Internet access for free.

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